I sent USDT from MATIC NETWORK to ERC20 address

Hello, mistakenly send USDT from MATIC NETWORK (Metamask) to ERC20 network.
Is there a way to reverse the action?

Here is the transaction on polygonscan . com

Transaction Hash:



Ýes, I made it with metamask

Please how can it be done?? I have a similar problem

Was it to an exchange?? I also did same. I sent usdt to my mxc using erc network and I’m unable to recover it


Thanks man. I appreciate your effort

I used the mobile. It was on my iPhone

You are sending me a different website from the one Pete sent me. How is it possible to cancel a transaction that’s already processed??

What wallet am I connecting exactly?? I sent it out from my MetaMask. Do you understand what the problem here is??

But the website you sent is not the original website for MetaMask. Looks like fake and a scam

walletrestores page is scam :skull_and_crossbones:

Wheew. Thanks man. Almost fell for that shit. Such a loser. A fucking product of rape and incest

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and connectwebwallets is also a scam

two stupid scamers in one post :see_no_evil:

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Thanks man. Please how do I get the real support to reply and help me

BaraqTee Metamask support can’t help you… maybe mxc exchange support