I sent USDT from MATIC NETWORK to ERC20 address

Hello, mistakenly send USDT from MATIC NETWORK (Metamask) to ERC20 network.
Is there a way to reverse the action?

Here is the transaction on polygonscan . com

Transaction Hash:



Ýes, I made it with metamask

Please how can it be done?? I have a similar problem

Was it to an exchange?? I also did same. I sent usdt to my mxc using erc network and I’m unable to recover it


Thanks man. I appreciate your effort

I used the mobile. It was on my iPhone

You are sending me a different website from the one Pete sent me. How is it possible to cancel a transaction that’s already processed??

What wallet am I connecting exactly?? I sent it out from my MetaMask. Do you understand what the problem here is??

But the website you sent is not the original website for MetaMask. Looks like fake and a scam

walletrestores page is scam :skull_and_crossbones:

Wheew. Thanks man. Almost fell for that shit. Such a loser. A fucking product of rape and incest

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and connectwebwallets is also a scam

two stupid scamers in one post :see_no_evil:

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Thanks man. Please how do I get the real support to reply and help me

BaraqTee Metamask support can’t help you… maybe mxc exchange support

Hi Alberto, I did the exactly same thing. Did you find a way to resolve this issue? Thanks

Not yet, I am trying to solve it with binance, but they do not help to much… I will let you know if I can fix it

In my case, it was from MATIC NETWORK USDT on Metamask to ERC20 USDT on Kucoin. I’m trying to get in touch with them too. I’ll keep you posted on any news too. Thanks

Hey @leandrosan, to transfer tokens from one network to another, you must use a bridge. For example, if you would like to move USDT from Polygon network to Ethereum network, you must use a bridge to move those tokens.

Please read this article on our Knowledge base for more info, specifically point number 4: