I send my usdt to Erc-20 adress how can i get back?

i send my usdt’s to mxc erc-20 adress. i need get back this op.
its hash

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Welcome to the MetaMask Community @arfi!! :fox_face: :rocket:

You can send any ERC-20 token to a MetaMask wallet. USDT is an ERC-20 token, so all you need to do is add the custom token to your wallet and you will be able to see your USDT balance.

I send USDT (255,987-ALL) from Metamask (Ethereum web) to Binance Market. Metamask charge Gas for transaction (for several hours balance was 0USD on Metamask). Then USDT back to Metamask. 0x6db83af2b21cd63b2f403b154b4678b24a3816094f5e9e9eeb4dcaa4b960f1b5