Account not treaceable

I was using my metamask extension on windows for some time. In this metamask address I added four networks: Ether, Matic , BSC and Avalanche. For some reasons I choose Matic network and clicked on delete option. I am able to recover my accounts but I can not see my tokens. It seems that i have to manually remember and add them in to my accounts.
Is there any possible way I can restore all my historical tokens automatically.


I think you have to look up the token adres on the bsc or the chain you use and at them under (add custom tokens… Copy and past the address and click on add coin like BNB or what coin you looking for and add.

Do I need to do that for every token ! I don’t even remember some of them .

Yes for every token you have to put manually the token address in your wallet under add custom tokens.
Look in your transaction history what tokens you bought or added before.