Reinstalled the metamask wallet, the created wallets and tokens disappeared

reinstalled the metamask wallet, the created wallets and tokens disappeared.
reinstalled windows and metamask wallet. after recovering with the help of the seed phrase, all wallets created earlier disappeared. who knows how to restore wallets. using the seed phrase, one wallet is restored, three wallets were created.

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@Rus sorry to hear you are facing such issues. Please refer to this link for further details.
You can also refer to this previous post

did u find a solution???

I had the same issue, but me was just the Tokens which disappeared… i just clicked to : add new assets - entred the respectove token address and recovered all my tokens

What do you mean with Wallets ? Accounts ?

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Try this Rus
go to your central exchange that you used to send your ETH to metamask
Go into transaction history in your profile click on send and receives and the addresses that you sent tokens to should come up
you can then copy the address and add it to your metamask were it says add address
now you may have opened other accounts on metamask and funded them via internal transfer between accounts assuming they are ETH main net you go to the eth account which should be the first token in the account in the top right hand corner above it you will see 3 dots click that and it will give you the option to view on etherscan click that and it will take you to were you can preview all your ETH transactions from there you will recognise what tokens went where copy those addresses and add new addresses to the metamask that should sort most of it out
if you had accounts on other chains let me know and I will walk you through it
(Matic network , Go chain etc)

You have to add your missing tokens manually. Go to either CoinGecko or Coinmarketcap and copy the token address for each missing coin you owned and click add new token option in Metamask and your tokens should magically reappear.

Привет! Скажи -у тебя получилось восстановить ранее созданные кошельки?

Hello. Recovered through the private key. Other options don’t work!

Привет! Получилось восстановить только через закрытый ключ.

Hi my account is missing after the recovery, I know my wallet address which is missing. However as you mentioned you can copy and add the address in meta mask but i think there is no option to add the wallet address isnt it ? Please if you can help me.