Missing wallets after seed import

my chrome extension wasn’t working, every time i opened it it gave a generic error. i rebooted, same error. removed from chrome, add back, same error. uninstalled, reinstalled, and reimported the key. now i am missing additional wallets from the account and i really need to get them back. any help greatly appreciated. thank you

Try at new account 2
Try add custom network like bsc chain.
Try add custom tokens after new install.
Read topics on the forum. :+1:

But I have the same problem… Still missing my good adres after reinstall wallet.
But Maby you missed those options.

I’m having the same issues: Restoring wallet, add tokens but balance showing is 0 but contradicts etherscan

Have added new accounts and no luck, can’t get it to pick up the original address. Not that this helps but there is a large amount of content in the community on this with many people having the same type of issues and causes lots of stress. Wondering if metamask dev are doing anything to prevent or making resolution easier.


I hope after contact and waiting seven days I get a answer from the help desk.

Don’t know what I’ve done but I just got lucky, tried this same process on my phone (app was only installed on laptop), added custom token and it was there.
Mixed feelings, glad it’s resolved but sad that I can’t be of more use to others.


The way I was able to bring back the additional wallets was that I was very lucky to have a full backup of that wallet on mobile. I had to go into each wallet and get the key phrases for them and import them.

Needles to say this shouldn’t be the way metamask handles new wallets under it’s main account. if I did not have those wallets there on mobile I would not have been able to access those wallets as I have yet to receive feedback or find a way to bring those wallets back with just the main account phrase. I hope that there is still a way to bring them back, I’m sure there are plenty of people who do not know you need to back up those additional wallet keys as well because you will not get them on reinstallation.

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You are very lucky that you had your wallet also on a other divice.
Indeed every new account has its own key.
Unbelievably that they don’t tell you that to back up also.
Metamask has to address this to all user’s.

Same thing just happened me however i dont have a back up of my other wallets… 500k on my other ones

it works if you just add new accounts guys!

Hola como estas ? me podrias ayudar como se si tengo una copia respaldo de mi billetera, la tenia agregada al celular y ya no me aparecen quiero intentar con una copia respaldo pero no se donde buscarla en el celular

Bro i just faced same problem but my account is recovered now if you need help i will you