Account Transfer to Other MetaMask Wallet

I m registering more than one account in my Metamask wallet Brave extension, at the same time registering accounts on Opensea.
For the moment I would like to abstain to tell the reason why I do this, but such a feature would be good to have.

Other thing is after I created more than 50 accounts with MetaMask it loads slower after log in into the app, it takes around 30 seconds and Brave throws a message Page Unresponsive, I press Wait button and it logins after some seconds, for me is fine such but maybe some improvements can be done for multiple accounts management in future.
Thank you.
P.s. my MetaMask extension version is 10.14.3
Edit: I see that there is an Import Account function, is this what I need?

Hello @Neosverse , welcome to the metamask community.

You can import your account to another wallet using your private keys or


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I see that each account have it’s own wallet address which also display under Avatar on Opensea, what I want to be able is to transfer a specific Opensea account with linked MetaMask address to other user wallet, in this way he will be new owner of MetaMask account and Opensea username.
Is the Import feature doing this or it is something else?

Hi @Neosverse ,

If you want to give away the contents of a wallet to someone else, it’s best to have them create their own wallet and you can send them whatever you want.

It is not safe practice to give away your private key to another person.

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No, my purpose is to reserve a Username on Opensea and then give it to new owner in a future time, it will be empty no content or ETH, because I see first I create account in my wallet then I connect it to Opensea empty account, i go to settings and MetaMask ask to sign in, I sign in and go to create the username.
Now I wonder how I can send this created account to other person?
Thank you.

Got it. No, you can’t transfer an OpenSea username. You can change it but not transfer it. You wouldn’t want to create a wallet and then give it away. The wallet could easily be compromised for the new user and anyone going forward.


Are there any future plans to make this a possibility?

Hi @Neosverse ,

Opensea would be best to ask regarding transferring usernames on their platform.

Relating to transferring a MetaMask address/account you already own out of your wallet, this would not be safe practice for you or future receivers of the account.


Ok, I think I know how I will transfer the account, I will do simple username edit at the same time with other person so it becomes available to him.
Thanks for help.