Binance transfer to OpenSea(MetaMask)

Hello to all,

I’m coming to you because I have a little problem,
I signed up for OpenSea, and I chose MetaMask as my wallet.
OpenSea has created a wallet for me, but it is internal to OpenSea.
I don’t really have access to it because I didn’t create a real MetaMask account.
The real problem is that I sent MATICs to this wallet while it is in ETH.

I hope I have made myself clear, as I am having trouble explaining this particular context.

If anyone has had this happen or knows of a solution, I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks in advance.

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Hey @alpacini, welcome to the MetaMask Community! :fox_face:

You may be able to access your MATIC from the OpenSea account you transferred to.

Hopefully this article from them can help you:

Thank you but my problem is quite different.
Using Brave, when I first logged on to opensea, I chose the metamask wallet, except that I did not have to create a password, nor did I receive a password.
I had direct access to OpenSea with a MetaMask wallet without even giving any information…

Were you already logged into a MetaMask account when you created your OpenSea wallet? If so, the addresses should be the same and you should be able to access your OpenSea account through your MetaMask wallet.

Hope that helps, and sorry if I am not understanding you correctly!

No, I was not connected to a MetaMask account. The Brave Crypto Wallets extension probably conflicted with MetaMask

Ah, understood.

Since this is related to accessing your account on OpenSea, I would suggest you submit a ticket to their support team with the necessary information: