Recover OpenSea account

Hello Sorry for bad english .
Il french and new on MetaMask and opensea
I had ben 3 days ago on OpenSea With 30 NTF and Connect to MetaMask . But during 2 days i have à new logîn on MetaMask So 2 différents Login and i can’t recover My name account candonfrederick… il lost i send 3 mails to opensea help and MetaMask With no réal answers.
So i Think may be i was pirate ?
How could i do just to recover My first account i can just see on web site …
Thks merci


Welcome to the community @candonfrederick. Please post in proper channels.

OpenSea uses your wallet address as your login. You will need to log in to the Metamask account you connected to OpenSea originally.

You can view the entire contents of a wallet by searching its address on a blockchain explorer. This may help you figure out which wallet is the right one.

No need to apologize for your English. It’s better than any of my foreign languages.

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