Activity log in transactions not showing received dates

I’m having an issue with my MetaMask wallet under activity I have not seen a received ethereum payment since May 27 . My mining rigs send to my MetaMask wallet every 2 days so it shows up in the account for me to send and marks it as sent when I send the ethereum to any other accounts but I no longer have a ledger of received payments. Like I said the last received payment shows may 27th and ``I’ve received and spent tons of ethereum sense that date in my transaction activity log.


You see any other information through the block explorer like etherscan?


Hi @B1tb0y ,

Following off of @CloudedGlacier 's comment, here is a MetaMask Knowledge base article in case needed.

Another article that may help too:


Yes it shows in etherscan…. just weird that my meta mask doesn’t record transactions accurately

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@B1tb0y wanted to first confirm at least you could see it on etherscan.

Would you mind opening a help desk ticket with this issue? If you go to and click the large blue ‘start a conversation’ bubble it will connect you with a bot but it will open a ticket with support. Would help for technical support to look into this.

Support will never ask for you to confirm your secret recovery phrase.


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It will be interesting to know how this problem will be solved.

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