Add Binance Smart Chain as a Preconfigured Network

Since its launch in 2019, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has become one of the most dominant blockchains in the crypto space.

Binance Smart Chain has more active addresses and over 5x the transaction volume of the Ethereum Chain.

We believe it’s time for MetaMask to add BSC as a preconfigured network. Considering BSC’s volume and popularity, new users should not have to manually add BSC as a custom network on MetaMask.

This proposal is backed by the teams at: -
ChainGames -
CumRocket -
Feeder Finance -
Hybrix - Open Source Blockchain Platform | hybrix
Moonjuice -
Superlauncher -
SaveTheWorld -
World Token -

This would be HUGE and should have been done ages ago already! Lets go!


This would be outstanding!


Great project glad to be part of the future of crypto.


Why isnt this a given??


Best idea ever. There’s a ton of people who don’t much trust custom RPCs, if they were added as default, it would definitely make life easier.


Absolutely MetaMask, cannot wait. It will certainly save a lot of headache.

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An imperative change to improve the experience of the daily crypto user.

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YES, good gawds. This would be utterly massive, for so many BSC tokens!

Yes please make this change, would make things alot easier, if someone is using this wallet, I personally won’t use meta mask till they make this change…I use trust because it’s a click of a button to use bsc.

Yes it will be great also adding the FIAT value on bsc, as it’s now visible in Eth

Bravo to the Metamask development team… They finally did it, at least it shows fiat value in BSC… And I also suspect that now BSC is a preconfigured chain… But I’m still waiting for a serious answer from tech support!

This is a must add feature! common lets get this done asap!

Thanks for sharing. We will bring this up to the team.

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