Add Binance Smart Chain Network to default list of options

The people love Binance!

that would be great,

there’s lots of defi on BSC that has no bookmarks by default on Metamask.

Would be great if you could add
pancakeswap, autofarm, Alpha, alpaca, venus etc


How this only has 5 votes is beyond me? This shouldnt even need a feature request. With all the wallets that are coming out, MM better start playing ball…


Binance Smart Chain is here to stay. It’s a no-brainier that it should be available as a default network on MetaMask.


This needs to be implemented asap


totally agree. please add asap


BSC is so popular, it’s crazy to me how this hasn’t been implemented yet.

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Many users choose Trust Wallet or Binance Chain Wallet for BSC net.
Although BSC is very popular, so this is an urgent problem now!
Many developers start with Metamask, and they need to add BSC mainnet and testnet manually.
Please add BSC by default! :point_left:

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It would be great to add Binance Smart Chain in MetaMask app

This will be great… What about adding also the fiat value, as it is possible on ETH. I am going to create a new suggestion right now!

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Bravo to the Metamask development team… At least it shows fiat value in BSC… And I suspect that now BSC is a preconfigured chain… But I’m still waiting for a serious answer from tech support!

We will bring this up to the development team. Thanks for asking!

Why do they love it ?

How’s this looking? Any progress yet?

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