Add Support for EIP-4337: Account Abstraction

EIP-4337 is an Ethereum Improvement Proposal aimed at providing better support for smart contract wallets, enhancing the user experience, and improving security features. By implementing this proposal, MetaMask could allow users to enjoy the full benefits of account abstraction, which includes custom security measures, streamlined transactions, and enhanced gas management.

The purpose of implementing EIP-4337 is to:

  1. Provide a better user experience by allowing transaction bundling, reducing the number of interactions needed to complete tasks.
  2. Improve security by offering more flexible security rules, account recovery options, and shared account security.
  3. Encourage further innovation in dApps and wallet development, as developers will have more freedom to create inventive user experiences.
  4. Improve gas management, enabling users to pay gas fees in tokens other than ETH and allowing applications to cover users’ gas fees.

We request that EIP-4337 support be added to both the MetaMask browser extension and the mobile app to ensure a consistent experience for all users across platforms.


Second this! So wanted MetaMask to support ERC-4337. Would be nice if the users can interact with any dApp as if they are logged in with the smart contract wallet via MetaMask.