Add wallet from mobile to desktop

Id like to buy something, and from my mobile it doesn’t seem to work. How do I get the wallet from my phone on my laptop?

do you want to use the wallet on a computer browser extension?

download the extension from the MetaMask website, you can use it on Chrome or Firefox.
If you remember your wallet’s mnemonic, that’s fine, use them to restore your wallet and you’ll be able to use it.
If you forget the mnemonic of the wallet, only remember the private key. You can create a new wallet after installing the extension, and then import your private key to restore your wallet.

Do not reveal your mnemonic and private key to anyone.


Hi @zumi and welcome to the MetaMask community!

The MetaMask mobile app and the browser extension do not sync, so if you have MetaMask installed on your phone and you wish to use it on your laptop also, you will need to download the MetaMask browser extension and login your wallet using your Secret Recovery Phrase. Make sure you only download the extension from the official website → (in order to avoid scammers). And of course, never share your Secret Recovery Phrase with anyone or any platform asking for it.

If on your mobile app you had custom networks added, like Binance Smart Chain or Polyon for example, you will need to manually add them to the extension, as well as custom tokens that you might have (on the Ethereum Mainnet or other chains).


Hi Zumi,

Have you used the in-app browser on mobile? You should use this when on mobile for transactions.

However you can switch to laptop the ways shared above and go that route :slight_smile:


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