Metamsk from pc to iphone mobile

I need to move my MetaMask on pc to iphone mobile. Do not want 2 separate wallets.


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You don’t need to have two separate wallets. You need your seedphrase from your wallet on your PC and import it into the new wallet on your phone. Then your wallet on your phone will be the same as on your PC.

Do NOT show your seedphrase/Secret Recovery phrase to anyone. Keep it for your self.


I must have downloaded the MetaMask on iphone but do not have password. I was going to reset, but do not want to wipe out wallet on pc. Password from pc does not work so do not think connected.


The password is set by you. It can be a different password for each instance of your MetaMask wallet, whether it is the same wallet on your browser and on mobile app, or on a different browser with MetaMask extension.

Here is an article on how that works


I read the articles & it shows that you can reset your password if forgotten, on front page of mm. However, this “forgot password” does not show on my iphone mm app.


Hi @Queenjean51
On the MetaMask mobile app in order to reset your password, you will need to reset your wallet. Will leave an article here for the necessary steps you need to take in order to do that - it has a very good self explanatory video. Just make sure you check the section of the article for the Mobile.

Also, when inside the wallet you can change your password from Settings → Security and Privacy.


All you need to do it to install MetaMask on your iPhone, and when it ask if you are new to MetaMask, you just enter the seedphrase/Secret recovrey phrase you found got from your PC.



I am not really sure how this works; with these threads; but I have mobile MM and browser MM on the same seed phrase but the different wallet accounts on both. If I log out of the browser and log back in with my seedphrase will I end up with the same wallets on both??

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Hi @Surfergirl30 and welcome to the MetaMask community,

If you have the MetaMask mobile app and browser extension installed and only one seed phrase, you should also have the same account number on both of them. But, if for instance on the MetaMask mobile app you had multiple accounts like Account1, Account2 etc. then you simply need to add these additional accounts to the browser extension also, by clicking ‘Create Account’. Or if you had multiple networks added, like Binance Smart Chain network or Polygon, you will need to re-add those too on the MetaMask browser extension.

If you still see two different accounts, with different public addresses on MetaMask mobile vs MetaMask browser extension, try to log in again and make sure your Secret Recovery Phrase is written in the exact same order it was provided, with one space between each word, in lowercase, without symbols and with no white spaces at the beginning or end of each word. Check for any accidental CAPITAL letters because of the keyboard behaviour or if any of the words have been changed by autocorrect.