I can't reset my Password in ios

I have Metamask on my phone and as a chrome extension. I recently reinstalled windows 10 on my laptop and was going to import my wallet. I have my secret phrase saved but was going to verify it’s the same phrase as my phone. I open the phone app with face ID. In the app, when I go to look at the secret phrase, it asks for my password. I key in the password I was using for the chrome extension, and it doesn’t work. I know that password works for the chrome extension because I tested it on my main PC and it works. When I try to reset my password in my phone, it always asks for my old password and I don’t know it. What can I do to view the secret phrase or reset my password on my phone?

Hi @iamthefunky1
Your password is just some to keep your keys/phrase and funds secure within your wallet and it has nothing to do with recovery phrase itself, which means password on Windows and Phone for the same wallet can be different. Since you forgot your wallet and you have the recovery phrase but you are not sure if it is same wallet so I can suggest the following things you should do.
First of all try to import wallet in your windows/pc or in another phone and see if it is same and your funds are safe there.
If it is same then you can reset your wallet on mobile and can import the wallet again and set a new password.
If it doesn’t match then transfer all the funds from your mobile wallet to another new wallet and then delete or reset the previous wallet.
Please make sure you send your funds or they are secure in another wallet or you have the recovery phrase before you reset your wallet.

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