Restoring my account

Hi I had metamask wallet on my phone. However sent my phone off to have the screen replaced and they wiped my phone along with the wallet and secret phrase. I’ve tried doing back ups but it’s not backing up the folder I kept the phrase in. Is there a way of doing this. I’ve seen if you have same computer there is a way so wondered if it’s the same if you have same phone?

If you don’t have a backup mnemonic or private key, you can’t retrieve the lost account. You can try to find some methods for mobile phone data recovery

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Have you tried using the Vault Decryptor? Do you also have your MetaMask wallet installed on any other devices?

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Hi thanks for your response. Will this work the same even though I used the metamask app on my phone. Rather than the Web page or on a computer?

You can connect your phone to a computer and proceed from there.

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Perfect I’ll try that. Thankyou


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