Help recover the seed phrase metamask on android

Hello, I am using Metamask on android 10 version 2.0.1 (49), I have a problem, I confused the initial phrase with another Metamask wallet and accidentally deleted the seed phrase of the one with the tokens, I know the password for the wallet, but I do not remember the phrase please help me restore my original phrase through the storage data of the Samsung mobile phone, I also connected Metamask to the Chrome browser, maybe this will help, I have my wallet address and I know the password, I ask you to help, I need these funds

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If your wallet is also on your Chrome web browser extension, you can simply reveal your seed phrase with steps found here.

If your wallet is no longer available on your Chrome browser and you have not created or restored a different wallet, you can use the vault decryptor to access your wallet.

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I connected the chrome mobile browser to my metamask,can I restore my metamask using the data on my phone?

You’ll just need to enter your seed phrase, which you can find on your MetaMask mobile app.

Go to:
Menu → Settings → Security & Privacy → Reveal seed phrase

Why can’t you understand my problem? I logged out of my account after updating the metamask, and lost my passphrase, I want to somehow restore the Metamask through the phone data,can I find the key in the phone files?

Unfortunately you will not be able to use the vault decryptor on your mobile device or other means to recover you wallet without your seed phrase.