Adding new token, synchronization of mobile app balances and browser extension, fast work after coming to MetaMask from other apps

  1. I’d like to see my new tokens automatically adding to my wallet without manual work. Just when I receive a new token, I want to see it’s balance in my wallet
  2. I wish my app and my extension can be synchronized not only once but always. Like if I add a new token in mobile app it will be added into the extension automatically.
  3. I hope the developers will ad overall balance in USD to Smart Chain so I could see the balance of all my tokens. It would be great if in addition you will add coins’ balance in USD inside the wallet.
  4. I can’t take part in pumps because when I leave MetaMask for 20 seconds and the return to it, the app is “restarting” that take a lot of time, so I just can’t be the first who will by the coin. Trust is working better in this case.