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Hello i have create metamask account first in my mobile Android i have made some changes i changed the network to BNB and also i have add some custom token. After i have downloaded the chrome extension on my PC i connect my metamask account but i notice that all changes i have made in my mobile was not synchronized with my pc extension so i have to make them again also i have add one more custom token in my pc extension and that also does not show in my mobile app . My received address on my pc aand mobile is the same . Is that normal to not synchronized from mobile to pc the changes i make?
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There is no synchronization between one Metamask wallet to another wallet when it comes to settings and tokens. You have to import the tokens and change the settings each time you install Metamask, this is normal and how it works.


Hello , nice to be here thanks a lot for your reply.

At present, it is true that it will not be synchronized automatically, but I think your question is very good. I hope metamask can take this opinion into account and update it in the next version,Not long ago, metamask updated the dark mode, which was proposed by everyone before and adopted by the team

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The difficulty is that we don’t store account information on our severs. So there isn’t currently a way to sync it across devices. Security is our first consideration. Having a server that stores users account information sounds like a nightmare for our technical and legal teams. Google some of the hacks against major Exchanges to get a sense of what I mean. It’s literally not a threat against us, as we don’t have your SRPs. Secret Recovery Phrases are generated on the users device, and never sent by the Metamask software. Our role in security is to ensure the software is secure. Metamask, and most of our tools, are open source and regularly reviews - (MetaMask · GitHub) We also try to educate users on best security practices to hopefully prevent any losses.

There is a “Token Detection” feature; it can be enabled in experimental settings. It’s off by default for security. Malicious tokens have been used as an attack vector, so make sure you know what tokens you’re interacting with. You can hide any you aren’t familiar with from the 3 dots menu on desktop, or long press on mobile.

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