MetaMask App (iPhoone) and MetaMask Firefox App not synchronized

Hi…yesterday i add over the Firefox MetaMask Add-On some Polygon Tokens. In that Add-On was all working and shows my ETH and Polygon Tokens. But in my iPhone MetaMask App i see only my ETH Tokens.

Why is that happens? Also in my iPhone App my NFTs will not right synchronized with OpenSea.

Thx for help.

@Loewe how long have you been having this issues

Hi 890…since yesterday with that Polygon Tokens… NFTs syn issue since several days

@Loewe have you imported your tokens to the Metamask through your iPhone?

did i have do that manually? Its same wallet - ETH is also synchronized with that i have import that manually. Also i try to import…but i dont know really 100% how i have must do that

Hey @Loewe, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Your MetaMask on Firefox and your MetaMask on your iPhone are on different devices so you will need to add the tokens again on your iPhone.

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