Metamask on two Macs is different.

Metamask on two Macs is different.

  1. Used by MAC-1
  2. Install and sync apps from iPhone
  3. Add Account in MAC-1 (ETH added) - Token inserted
  4. Not synchronized to iPhone
  5. Install MetaMask from MAC-2
  6. Enter 12-digit seeded words on MAC-2
  7. Logged in from MAC-2. But loaded into account status of iPhone with status 4 - no additional accounts, no tokens

How do I get settings for MAC-1 from MAC-2?
MAC-1 and MAC-2 have the same private key and seed


  1. There is everything in Ethereum.
  2. Metamask does not keep detailed accounts and tokens in one account.
  3. In other words, even if you move a PC and put in 12-digit seeds, the entire account and token do not appear on the screen.
  4. The solution is to register the PK of the seed, the account, and the token information on the Metamask of the PC that you want to keep and transfer.
  5. Then everything comes to life on the screen.
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If you click “add accounts” your accounts will load in order as they were.
You’ll have to add the tokens back in manually to see them again, but like Jonathan said you can confirm everything is there on etherscan.
Assuming you know how to add the tokens back in, let us know if not!