How to restore your account on another browser extension

The first I installed Metamask to iPhone, and sent a few tokens there. After I installed the chrome Metamask extension and put the same phrases from my iPhone app. And in totally I have the same ETH address on both wallets: browser’s and mobile app’s, but the balance are different, because I don’t see the currency from the mobile app in extension app and from extension app inside of mobile app. And now I need to participate the sell, but for it I need to use firefox extension, I installed it in firefox browser, put the same seed phrases like on my mobile app and chrome extension, and in totally the ETH address is different from the moblie wallet and chrome extension. Can somebody explain me why everytime I put the same seed phrases, but my wallet is different and how to make the same firefox extension wallet like my chrome extension wallet.

If you are looking for any custom tokens you will have to re-add those tokens to the new session of your app.