Why my wallet address in my phone and on my laptop is different?


I created a metamask wallet on my laptop and imported the wallet also into my mobile app wallet. But the networks (like I also created a BNB smart chain) and the addresses in my phone and on my laptop are different. Can somebody please explain why ?

Each account in your wallet have its own address - just in case you have added two accounts, that might be the answer. But if you only have one account on both Metamask extensions, then the address should be the same, if you used your seed phrase to import the wallet on your other device.

Just to be sure if you have imported the new wallet correct, you can check if the seed phrase is the same in both wallets. Do you know how to do that ?


Thank you very much for your answer. But I did the same and while doing it I missed one letter and it did not let me access so that means it must be the same no ? And I wrote it while checking from my laptop… I didnt understand…

I’m not sure what you mean by this ?

But if your seed phrase is the same in both wallets, then your address should be the same in both wallets. But if you have many accounts in your wallet, then each account has its own different address.

Did you check your Seed phrase under - Settings - Security and Privacy ? Just to see if it is the same on both your Laptop and Phone ?


I just checked. They are definitely the same… Can I have the same Seed Phrase for two different wallet ?

You can have the same seed phrase for as many wallets you want. The seed phrase just gives you access to your wallet.

How many accounts do you have on your Laptop and on your phone ?

In this screenshot I have 2 accounts


In my laptop I have two accounts one in Ethereum Chain the other is in BNB smart chain… However in my phone only one account and I don’t even have a smart chain part. I still have no idea :sweat_smile:

Also the addresses are still different

Hello, the mobile wallet is separate from the browser wallet. However, if you want to move your browser wallet to the mobile phone, you can import your browser wallet private key into the metamask wallet in the mobile phone. At the same time, you need to add a BSc chain to the metamask on the mobile phone

I think importing the private key means clicking import wallet section and writing those words right ? If so, yes I did that but still the addresses are different and I can not see the amount in my browser wallet in my phone…

The address of the imported private key is the same as that of metamask in your browser. You can check the address. In addition, after importing, you need to manually add the contract address of the coin before you can see your coin,If you find that the imported addresses are different, it means that your private key is not the same wallet. You can re export the private key in metamask in your browser, and then import it into metamask in your mobile phone

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