My original metamask is missing

hi everybody,
after resetting my laptop when i try to open my desktop metamask wallet(original) using seed phrase my mobile wallet opens which has different address and less amount of assets .i am surprised that my mobile acc has different address although I scanned qr code from original account. my original address which i am trying to get is 0xCa5115E812F2BCBF8987Fe4A6ADf3Ac5840f7801 and my new account or mobile account address is 0xA23908A274D45f5B1Fa2bd81EDF6548F042df61b.
please helpp!!!


its literally pissing me off to face a situation when i have 3 different seed phrases for just an account

Hey @norbs1, your Secret Recovery Phrase is for one MetaMask wallet, which can have multiple accounts in it.

Please make sure you are inputting your correct Secret Recovery Phrase for the correct address you are trying to access.

Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:

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