Another wallet in a smartphone

Hello. I have a Metamask in the browser. I installed a metamask in my android smartphone, entered a secret phrase, everything is ok. But as a result, a new wallet was created in the phone, not my old one. there are no my networks and tokens

Hello @Adiafora , welcome to metamask community,

Have you tried importing your assets to your mobile phone using your private keys ?

@Stephanae Oh, no. how can I do this?

But before you import your private keys to a new wallet ,

Did you check well to make sure the phrase you entered in the computer and the phone are same ?

@Stephanae Yes, are same

Quite strange . Do you have screen shots of both wallets ?

( remember never share your seed phrase or give away your private key address )

for some reason I can’t add media to messages. but the wallets look like two completely different ones. at the same time, the address is the same

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