If I install my metamask on another computer will it restore all my wallets?


I use Metamask on my phone (Android) and created several wallets through it.

Should I take note of each address or by restoring it on another computer (through seed phrase) will I restore ALL of the created addresses/wallets?


if you created them all from the original seed phrase, you can restore them all.

Basically with the seed phrase it will recover the first wallet and then when you create new wallets it will add in the same order the wallets you had created before.

If you imported a wallet, those are not recoverable with the seed phrase, only the wallets directly created by Metamask.

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You mean it will recover the first one only, right? many thanks!

No, if you use the seed phrase it will recover 1st one, but if you add new ones it will add all you had made before with that seed phrase.

What I mean by imported is when you don’t create one, but import it adding the private key. So not made by the seed phrase but a wallet you had before and imported it. That one you will need to import again, you cannot recover automatically.

You will also have to reconfigure all the coin that are hidden by default (i.g. for merchant token you have to enter the token id contract manually to let metamask show the amount availaible on your adress).

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Hi, I also have the same problem but in my case it was sync to my google account and I accidentally turn it off and deletes all data, etc. So, I also followed that instructions to restore the wallet and add account and tokens and all but it added a new contract address instead. I have my seed phrase and password but unfortunately I dont have all the private keys. Do you have any suggestions?

Hi all, i am having a similar issue: I did create a new account on a second network from my main account(if that makes sense). I had to install meta mask on a new device. I recovered my wallet with the original seed phrase. I added the second network again but cant see the accounts i added originally aka, they just dont show up(well the very first one on the second network does. My question is: Are the account details/ are the adresses the same than in the original set up?