Different accounts on different computers? Help

Hi I don’t understand why I have different accounts coming up on a different computer. I had a machine that just failed. When I login in on MetaMask on a newer computer different accounts come up at the various defi sites I was using. I need to access the ones I was accessing on the now failed machine. Does that make sense? Thanks

Hello, because when we create a metamask, if we create a new address through the same metamask, a mnemonic word can correspond to multiple addresses, but the secret key is unique. Therefore, if you import it with mnemonics on another PC, it is likely that different addresses will appear. This may be one of the addresses you created before, so you can import it with the secret key, This ensures the uniqueness of address import.


Hello @PANDAPUP , just as @Tksly stated . Try importing your account to your pc using your private keys linked to the account you wish to import . That way you don’t have to deal with multiple accounts for one memonic .


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