Mobile Sync doesn't really Sync?

So I synced my mobile app to my desktop extension, but only Eth shows on the app. Why none of my other tokens? Do these have to added manually in the app? If so, then what’s the point of the sync? Tell me I’m missing something, please!?!

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You need to manually add your token holdings in the app. That’s how it works. I myself never understood the logic behind that but that’s how it is. You would need to manually add the contract address twice. Once on your desktop and once on your metamask mobile application.

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Defeats the purpose of a “sync” doesn’t it? What a useless feature.
Maybe when I sync files in my dropbox between computers it only creates the parent folders and I need to re-add all my files manually. Doesn’t make sense! I wish I had the time to go dig through and find all the token addresses, and copy and paste them on my phone, every time I make a trade or transfer. Like I said, a useless feature. Thanks for confirming though, I do appreciate you taking the time to respond.


I also synced my mobile with my browser ext but now all my coins have disappeared. Does anyone at metamask respond? I’m really not sure what to do…appreciate any help or advice

This happened probably because you created accounts on mobile first? The sync only works one way, ie Desktop => Mobile. Hence if you created the accounts on mobile they will be removed after you sync. Details here. You can recover it apparently, see this Github comment.

Agreed. This is kind of worthless. I have lots of different coins and I’d like to be able to see them all without having to load each and every single one! Can’t you add feature that simple scan the account on blockchain explorer for the network and lists all the coins attached to that account? Then we could simply hide the ones we don’t want to see.

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Hi Stoic- I am wondering if your sync problem was ever resolved. I am having the same issues related to lack of sync between the blockchain explorer and the two metamask wallets, desktop and extension that have same address but different tokens despite manual entry. I appreciate any insights you might have. thank you :slight_smile:

my sync problem is even worse. I have both tokens in mobile and Chrome ext. the amounts are different!!! I transferred KLAY from Binance to Metamask. The amount was updated at Metamask Chrome ext and not at Metamask mobile. that is totally crazy!!!