Additional security

To developer,

I suggest when recovering the account via seed phrase…the owner must verify his account via registered email (must have email address when creating metamask account).to avoid hacking/phishing of the account when someone gets your seed phrase.

At this time of pandemic, many people are now using this platform to make money. So I suggest a strong security measures before accessing account if you are the real owner of the account.

Thank you

The problem is that with your seed phrase, they can use any other wallet program to access your wallet, not only Metamask, so it isn’t really a security feature to stop hackers. They will just use another program to access it.

Security features need to be put in to avoid them getting your seed phrase in the first place.

I clarify that my suggestion is when creating a metamask account you must give an email address to register. And everytime that the account owner will recover the account via seed phrase he/she must verify first it in registered email add.

Many people nowadays were using this platform so they must strenghten the security of it.

Even you know your seed phrase, you must first verify it via emaill just like in binance, before proceeding to buy you must verify/give the code sent via email and phone number you registered.