Metamask protection/validation in lock screen

If you go to a scam/fake site these days, it presents you a fake webpage to trick you into giving your Metamask password (see image below).

Thus, I’m requesting Metamask for a new feature, where the user enters any phrase, that is shown to the user on the Unlock Metamask screen.

For user A, he might enter “I am XXX”.
For user B, she might enter “Hello world”.

So, when Metamask is locked, and shows the unlock screen, user B will see “Hello world”, and user A will see “I am XXX”, hence reassuring to them that they’re seeing the real Metamask, and not that of a scam.

The screenshot below is from a scam/fake site!!!

It’s not necessary at all. You just have to remember to never enter the seed phrase unless you need to restore your wallet.
Never enter a seed phrase on any website, in any popup.
The only use of the seed phrase is to restore the wallet in a new browser, after installing MM, or when uninstalling MM and then installing MM in an old browser.
There is no reason in this world (your wallet is locked, your wallet is broken) for me to enter the seed phrase. Because all the other reasons are all made up by liars!

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