MetaMask asking for recovery phase when i connect this link

I’m trying to reward my NXTT Token on NextEarth Link.

so every time I click on it Metamask asks for Seed Phrase
Enter your secret twelve-word phrase here to restore your vault?

I would like to know why? what’s gonna happen if I did Enter the secret twelve words?

thank you


Don’t take any advise from SystemMM. He is a known scammer

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thanks for your help. I won’t do that.
the link goes from the exactly next earth website.


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oh so who gonna advise me, please?

Have you clicked the link ?

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Metamask asking for your seed phrase sounds like scam. I guess you already entered your seed phrase when you created your Metamask. The only time you must enter your seed phrase is when you install Metamask on a new computer/browser


yes I did click the link, its from the next earth website

Ok, I don’t know anything about the link you mention, so can’t say what it is. But don’t enter your seed phrase other than if you install a new Metamask.

Can you take a screenshot of what you see when you are asked to enter your seed phrase ?

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ok, so I shouldn’t have to enter the seed phrase again.

If you have Metamask installed and you can login to your Metamask, that part should be fine.

But I think @KBee or @nakedwinnie or @Luigi might be better to help your.


I’m trying to upload a screenshot but metamask won’t let me.
I will find out with them if I can thanks for your help.

I use the Snipping tool in windows and then just Copy/paste the image into this forum instead of uploading it. Maybe this works for you.

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I don’t have windows.
I’m gonna ignore the link.

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Thanks for your help BlueSpaceBike


@NabBlue do not write your 12 words (seed phrase) on any page :slightly_smiling_face: they wanted to rob you.

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Thanks Luigi.

actually, when I click on the next earth link the Metamask opened as usual and asks me to enter your seed phrase.

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when I click on the next earth link the Metamask opened as usual and asks me to enter your seed phrase.

You have next earth link in your email box? Sometimes scammers try to deceive people fake email… you are logged in to MetaMask :fox_face: wallet?

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it was on the next earth Facebook page. I didn’t log in, that’s why I’m asking for assistance.


I would have to see it :thinking: but you don’t need a seed phrase to claim the token.
Just be logged in your MetaMask wallet…

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