Advanced Gas Control not working

Hello, I have advanced gas control turned on but it’s not working and I can still only use the suggested gas prices.

There have also been cases where the suggested gas price is 0 and I get an error message when trying to complete the transaction and since I cannot edit gas fees I am unable to complete the transaction at all.


Same problem Here. Advanced gas control button change nothing on BSC.
Also I would like to increase the default to buy faster but that is not possible either.
When we have to hurry to buy (for a token launch for exemple), clicking on several screens to change it makes us waste precious time.

thanks in advance for the support response


Same here. I reported this issue to Metamask Support (Ticket #295115) two weeks ago and haven’t heard back from them. Other advanced options like custom nonce work fine, but the advanced gas controls just don’t show up anymore.