Option for advanced gas fee control

The new way of gas fee control is horrible. You’re adding unnecessary steps to it. Before I could just click on a transaction and control the gas fee. Now you make me look at the gas fee calculation, click to edit then click once more to begin editing. Why do we need so many steps?
Give us an advanced option to have it the way it was before, thank you.

HUGE +1!!! The change that was released 2-3 weeks ago is HORRIBLE! For me, the advanced gas controls option under Settings > Advanced doesn’t have any effect at all anymore, i.e. whereas before I was able to set my own desired gas amount directly in the Send & Confirm screen, now nothing shows up there in terms of gas amount input. PLEASE revert this change and/or fix the advanced gas controls bug!


+1 Seems like metamask may be contributing to the extreme gas prices by forcing everyone to pay whatever gas fee will causes the transaction to settle almost instantly! We don’t need every transaction to be fast. We certainly don’t want every transaction to be at an overly generous gas price (that is, generous to the miners)! Let us choose our own max gas, even if it means transactions may take hours.