Alerta Scammer on Twitter

:bangbang:SCAMMER ALERT​:bangbang:
Hello everyone
To start, I know that I was really dumb to fall in a damn scammer and I really felt like an old lady could be deluded, but it happened!
First I had a problem with a transaction were I sent my SafeGalaxy token from my Trustwallet to my MetaMask wallet. It never came through my wallet so I went to the safegalaxy Twitter to ask for a help. Few seconds later a supposed “TrustWallet Support” @trusthelp_1 ( :man_facepalming:t4: ) sent me a message to DM them for help with my issue. Yes, I committed the mistake to do it and after receive an link where they said they are going to fix that problem in a few seconds I started to watch transactions being made transferring my: SafeMoon and PancakeSwap Stack Club tokens to the address: 0x7Ffda984Ae175116d9E491b0fb0D9185015B2C53

In the same moment I realised I was the perfect fool and felt on that idiot scam were they took everything in like 7seconds. My biggest lucky is that on that wallet I was just holding a little more than U$140 and not all my real assets on my Crypto account. After take everything from my wallet they, of course blocked me on Twitter and I couldn’t do anymore than cry for my abysmal idiocy.

Of course I’m in contact with Trust Wallet “Real” support now but I’m pretty sure they can’t do anything. At least I would be glad to have my account safe again as I know that now the Scammer still having full control of any assets that I transfer to that wallet and it makes me really angry.

Well, that is my Sad history and hope no one else fall in the same Scam as I did.

If any of you has another tip to give me…even if is a funny one…please fell free🤷🏽‍♂️


@rafisak88 Welcome to the MetaMask Community!! :fox_face: :rocket:

We’re very sorry to hear this happened. If you ever need assistance with your MetaMask wallet, please contact support via one of our many support platforms found here.

I highly recommend that you create a completely new MetaMask wallet, send any remaining tokens in your compromised wallet to your new wallet, and abandon your compromised wallet.

Please report the fake Trust Wallet Twitter support to Twitter. I have done so as well.

If you need any further assistance, please let us know.