Beth Harmon Imposters styrike again

On August 9th the same Imposters struck again. They stole $3400 worth of SHIB from an secondary wallet on a new Metamask account. New seed phrase, password never been shared anywhere.
Opened a ticket with support but STILL no progress and reply or solution.

Has Metamask been compromised. The first time they took over $40,000 and now they hit me again. How is this possible?

Assigned a support staff by the name of Denisa but never heard from her again.

Can someone (Allen) please HELP???

Can you please provide more information? Which platform did you engage the scammer on?

What more information do you need? And what do you mean what platform?
I was using my metamask account through Firefox.

Please open a ticket with and
Add all relevant details.

I Did OPEN A ticket and still no solution or proper response from support staff.

Assigned to support staff Denisa and she’s seems to be incoherent and AWOL!

Still waiting for a proper response.