Beth Harmon imposter hackers strike again

June 1st my MM account was compromised through a series of incidents that I did bring to the attention of MM support and Allen did a wonderful job of assisting.

Now again the hackers/imposters have struck again. This time they stole $3400 worth of SHIB from a secondary account. I did not share the seed phrase.private key nor new password with anyone.

How they got access and were able to remove my SHIB is still a mystery to me and I have an open ticket on support and am still awaiting a reply.

But the fact that MM is aware of these hackers address I don’t see why they haven’t put in place a block on that address so they cannot conduct business or utilize MM or any exchange to move funds into it.

The first time I lose over $44,000.00 and now it was only $3,400.00

Are there any of you experienced this same issue? Sad to say I doubt if I am alone.

Sorry to hear of your loss. In the past MM support has been slow at times but eventually responded. I am patient and will wait. I know they must be so busy with more serious issues.

Most likely NO. Unfortunately… Sad but true.