An issue with binance ask me to show metamask history

Hi, I have an issue with Binance because I sent some BUSD on BUSD address and I’m trying to get them back.
Anyway, the only way to do that is to film my screen while I connect to my metamask, go to my history, click on the transaction then click “view on bscscan”.
Problem, the transaction is obviously on bscscan, but there is nothing in my history. I guess it’s too old (i’m trying since several months). Please tell me there is a way to see my metamask history somehow. I would really appreciate.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Lezard_Pessimiste,

There are specific blockchain explorers , like for BSC or for Ethereum Mainnet you can use.

Easiest is since it will pull up a larger number of chains if your wallet has interacted with several.

Good news, you don’t have to connect your wallet to any of these, just paste in your wallet address in the search bar when you’re there.

Here is a good article from Knowledge Base to check out too -


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