Binance to my MetaMask

Make a transfer from binance and it is not yet in my Metamask, when it will be reflected in the activities, check the address and everything is correct, I would appreciate all the help and support you can give me.

Hi @cvfaiz what crypto did you send to MetaMask wallet?
You use browser extension or mobile wallet?
What network did you use for withdraw? BEP-20 or ERC-20…?

I sent BNB, I used browser extension and the network used to withdraw BSC, perform two operations to different accounts and it does not show the activity in the history of any of the metamask accounts, check the source addresses and everything is fine in the []( and does not show the operation in the metamask activity


Hmmm :thinking: and you added the BSC network to the MetaMask :fox_face: wallet?

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Yes, I added the BSC network to MetaMask, I had previously carried out operations and they were successful showing the operation in activity

However, in the activity history it does not reflect the operation, and I suppose that I should be able to see the operation in the history, I have an operation of September 7 and after September 19 all successful, the operation for an amount of 0.03665816 BNB the 17th of September is not yet reflected.
I made another operation to another account and the same thing happened.

@cvfaiz and you see the BNB in your wallet address on a block explorer such as

Good morning
This was the confirmation email of the operation to one of the accounts, in my binance wallet the amount is not seen, but if I visualize the option see in the bscscan explorer I can visualize the operation as successful, however in my metamask it does not the transaction appears in my metamask account
As you can see, the operation was carried out on September 17 and is not registered in the activity, if I look for it in bscscan it can be viewed.
El hash transaaccion de la operacion es 0xf6f7a9cda5942eab21368d6ebab82418b8bd4c86b8e58450b25120a6422354da
I indicate that this case happened with another operation to another metamask account the same day.

If I enter view in explorer option in metamask and look in the Transaction section I see the Txn Hash of the operation, it indicates successful but I never enter the metamask, there is no official way that I can send the image captures and thus show you everything.

Transaction Hash:
10998558 block 10998558 110191 Block Confirmations
3 days 20 hrs ago (Sep-17-2021 05:07:01 PM +UTC)
[0xe2fc31f816a9b94326492132018c3aecc4a93ae1]( address 0xe2fc31f816a9b94326492132018c3aecc4a93ae1) (Binance: Hot Wallet 7)
[0x90f9dee109323a8095fabf7a6d41f1c0887536f8](address 0x90f9dee109323a8095fabf7a6d41f1c0887536f8)
0 . 03665817 BNB ($13.53)
Transaction Fee:
0 . 00021 BNB ($0.08)

I see a deposit 0.03665817 BNB but then I see OUT transaction 0.098437557726506 BNB on the page PancakeSwap buy Plant vs Undead Token… and other OUT transactions :point_down: you bought Plant vs Undead Token?