Approve Spend? Showing Confirmed/Success - Help

I’ve seen many posts similar but no one has given any advice on how to resolve. Right now my transaction is stuck. It looks successful to me but I have to recourse at this point. Please help. I’m trying to understand this and having no luck. :expressionless:

Transaction Hash:


Why is this transaction stuck? Received wallet not received?

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Yes, I haven’t received the coins into my wallet.

Hi Mike @mb7387 you made a Token Approvals :point_down:

and now you can sell tokens :slightly_smiling_face: or swap tokens

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Thanks Luigi, that got me a little bit further. I don’t have the option to approve, only revoke. It looks like it was approved. to me I don’t know what to do, it just looks tuck to me.

Your tokens are approved :slightly_smiling_face: and now you can use them on the site

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So as far as you can tell, the transaction is complete and the issue resides on the lifecrypto side?

This was not a transaction :smiley: you only approved that you could use them on that site.

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Same issue I am face

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