Approval of Spending Limits (from Prior Dates)

Thought the cost of my swap would be $8.95. But I kept getting “approve X spending limits.” After another $100 in gas fees and multiple “approvals,” I made to Queue 1, and I thought this ordeal was finally over. Instead, I’ve gotten more “approve X spending limits” that are dated 3 days ago, as if they had been approved on credit. There’s about three I can view easily and these clearly are resubmissions that were paid today, and I think there’s three more. But where are the tokens? Where can I look up the status and be able to comprehend it (in newbie terms)? I’ve been trying to make this swap for 3 days. I went through Metamask and accepted the best offer–Uniswapp, I think. Is there a way to confirm this? Help please. Thank you.