Can't swap need to approve limit?

Hi everyone,

So i swapped some ETH for BAG using dextool and connecting my meta mask,
now im trying to swap BAG back to ETH but it doenst work. Even if i ‘‘approve spending limit’’ as the picture below shows, i cant seem to swap back to ETH.

Can someone explain to me why? Am i missing a step, at some point I want to sell the BAG

Thank you


Hello @Cam33 !
Welcome to MetaMask community !)

On coinmarketcap I see a pool to WETH ) try to swap in this pair:


Hi @snwlprd.eth ,
thanks for the quick response :pray: . Unfortunatly it gives the same respons, first the approval and then in meta i can’t seem to swap, it only gives a preview with 0$ :confused:

might need to wait untill BAG is listed in a CEX



Please show me the error that you have in screenshot)
Are you using a proxy? If yes, sometimes you need to wait until the actual data is loaded.


hi @Cam33 , see if this article is useful to you.
Of course, you must first ensure that the token you swap is safe.


@snwlprd.eth Tnx for the suggestions, ill give it a try. maby i just need to wait untill i actually want to sell and then figure it out

Hi @tuya ill check if the article gives any suggestions i havent tried yet, thank you so much!!

so here im trying to swap ETH for BAG (which works fine)

but here when im trying to swap BAG for ETH it doesnt seem to work, it only shows the gass fee but doesnt seem to acces the amount of BAG that i want to sell for ETH…

okay i think i figuered it out.
i have to revoke the previous spendlimit on Etherscan and change it to the amount I want to sell,
pay the gass fee and possibly then it’ll allow the transfer of x tokens back to ETH.

:hot_face: well… lets hit that quota first haha! thnx @snwlprd.eth & @tuya :pray: :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: :+1:


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