Are making an automatic transfer to a wallet that discount

I would like to block a wallet address so that I cannot send it to her and she is stealing from several people I want to report a wallet

this is the address:’‘0x0462C819958601D497246DE46219F7e5168a8d74’’ her is taking my BNB without my permission they could block

You must first understand one thing.
Digital currency is a decentralized on-chain accounting.
Those who can freeze assets at will, are banks and exchanges.
You started to play coins till now, have you ever heard of whose btc personal wallet was frozen by btc official? Ever heard of whose eth personal wallet was frozen by eth? Have you ever heard of whose doge wallet was officially frozen by doge? Ever heard of whose xmr wallet was frozen by the xmr team?

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Sorry to hear this has happened.

The next steps are to contact the support team. Please refer to this post here:

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