Are you a scam project? Or how to understand it?

Hey! Replenished ETH to conduct a transaction. 23 dollars. Still does not pass, writes more replenish. Is this some kind of divorce? I’m from Ukraine, threw in the last money to withdraw $100 and lost everything?The more I replenish, the more Gas grows and is constantly lacking…
I’ve already lost $8 when topping up And now it asks for replenishment
And no one has answered me in the chat for half an hour. Before I bought ETH, they answered me instantly. Are you a scam project?
We are talking about this wallet - 0x58AF4bfcFC10eC7f837C5534A8330cad9Ee0887D

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If I’m understanding correctly, it looks like you’re trying to find your USDT, but aren’t seeing it in your Metamask? Here’s the steps to add them. How to View Your Custom Tokens in MetaMask

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