Assets/tokens not showing up after restart and logging back in

I’m using metamask on the BSC network. I had to restart my laptop, now the tokens |I had on my BSC network won’t show up. how do I retrieve them?

Hi guys, after a problem of non showing usdc balance yesterday. I had to to restore my account with the seed sentence. I did so this morning, and when i discovered my wallet on a NFT ERN, was gone…tried to press the add token button after install it again …nothing shown…all the past transactions are mentionned in the historic but no any mark of them.
Please me guys help me cause it was a bunch of money for and from my family

update on this? I have the same problem and all my tokens are lost right now

Input your wallet address in bscscan or etherscan and look at your wallet contents from there and you should and will see any and all tokens in that wallet. If you do see them on there they are still there