Automatically switch to Correct Network

Please can you look at adding auto switching to the correct network based on Site visited?

This could be either through a database of sites and networks or just have the extension remember your last choice at the particular site. This would make multi-chain switching far easier and and smoother.

This feature is already available on other wallets and after trying it going back to the system currently used by MetaMask seems very clunky and counterintuitive

Interesting discussion, allow me to express some different opinions using some examples.

Case 1
the user’s wallet is originally BSC, and then the user opens a website that only supports Ethereum. If the wallet is automatically switched to Ethereum, the user may not notice, and then he conducts transactions on this website. Due to the huge difference in gas fees between BSC and Ethereum, users inadvertently spend a lot of gas. It may be a bad experience.

Case 2
the user now opens 2 different websites, one only supports BSC and one only supports Ethereum, the user may switch between these two websites frequently and quickly, if the wallet switches automatically, due to frequent It may crash very quickly in response to user actions.

So, my own point of view is that this needs to be done manually by the user. Because the user needs to know what he is doing. :joy:


I see what you are saying about the gas fees but this wouldn’t be an issue as long as the gas fees were clearly displayed in the confirm box.
This could show the currency, BSC or Ethereum for example, along with a dollar conversion.

This has already been implemented in Rabby wallet and it works seamlessly. There isn’t any crashing and you can have multiple sites on different chains in different browsers windows open at the same time without issue. You’re asked which network to connect to the first time you visit a site and it remembers your choice.

As much as I prefer MetaMask this is a killer feature in my opinion and I’m finding it hard to go back to MetaMask after trying it out. It would be great if MetaMask could add a multi chain option even if it’s only something that can be enabled in advanced settings.

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Having this built into MetaMask and on the mobile version would be amazing

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yeah this feature is needed, Super annoying to switch the network for every dapp used.
Other wallets do it, no idea why MetaMask is lagging behind