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checking, after the recent update MM wont auto switch chain between dapps. Previously if i am in a dapp and use different chain, MM will auto conenct for me. Now i have to manually browse through all the network in MM each time which is a hassle. Is there any fix?

@sosour, this will be fixed soon in the next 10.28.2 update :slight_smile:

cool. Really need the auto switch back. and then all the ‘X’ beside the network and quite jarring to the eye. i just want a clear view of all the network in the list. Either make a UI change or remove it completely as i can just go to add network and remove the chain / rpc.

But good to hear the auto network switch will be back. Driving me crazy and i have search high and low in all the forum thinking its just me.

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Updated MM to 10.28.2. The auto switch chain between dapps is still not working. Pls fix it. URGENT.

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Checking why is it some chain or custom RPC is not able to auto switch? For the latest version, MM is able to switch automically between some default RPC. All the custom RPCs for other chain MM is not able to auto switch. Previous version before 10.28.1m MM is working fine. Please take a look and fix it. We have many custom RPC for other chains and it is a hassle with MM not able to auto link and switch to it.

Hello @sosour, welcome to MetaMask community!

Team is aware of these issues and will fix them as soon as possible. Thank you for reporting it.


Upgrading the wallet can’t automatically switch the network, it really broke me down, the network needs dozens of connections, and a manual switch is too troublesome

When is the chain switch bug going to be fixed? Not a priority for you all? I have been manually switching for days and about to switch to rabby.

There were still some errors persisting in 10.28.2, but it should all be fixed now in 10.28.3 soon.

See here for more info:

Thank you for your understanding!


looks like 10.28.3 is working. so far so good. hope it doesn’t break again!

Thank you.

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