MM stuck in failed connection loop

I’ve been using MM for about 6 years. I’m currently on Brave, v 1.50.114 (Apr 5, 2023).
Yesterday, I attempted to connect to some zksync clients (SyncSwap) which prompted me to switch networks from Eth Main to Optimism. I have both RPC’s already defined so I thought no problem. The connection request failed twice. Looking to participate in the SyncSwap Frontier campaign, I then went to Opensea to track down their NFT. Opensea prompted me to switch networks to Matic to collect the NFT.
Both of the RPC requests seemed strange, because the expected behavior would be to request to switch to the zksync network.
Now, my MM plugin is stuck - just spinning and spinning, and the X-Out won’t work to stop the connection request.
Normally, I would simply uninstall and reinstall in an attempt to clear this problem. But I have one wallet address managed in my plugin that I’m holding for my father, and I’m not sure I can find the seed phrase for it.
Is there any kind of plugin reset I can do OTHER than uninstalling?

Hey @slfsvrgn, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

The issue with switching networks will be fixed soon, for a temporary solution see here:


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