Balance may be outdated

I sent bnb from mexc to my mm wallet the balance has not changed & it’s tagged " balance may be outdated" checked address & transaction hash on explorer and it’s in the wallet.
Txid: 0xead3fbe3f1af8a191a1595f64dfed5ca8a85e1570ded200426b739ba06e4b263

Address: 0x514364B18Ab4F8a1f0f3B7DCc18E012001473F28

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Hi @Rosieplayer you using chrome browser? Try this:


From what I can tell…there are a lot of ‘‘balance showing issues’’.
Sometimes my MM says I have 3k, 4k, 6k, 7k ETH.
But in reality I have 0.001-0.002 ETH :slight_smile:
(It’s not just the ETH, but practically every EVM, so I need to wait for it to refresh itself)