Balance Missing - Polygon Matic Chain

Hi all,

just swapped some USDT (Theter USD) for Cosmos (ATOM) on Polygon chain.

I got the token with its amount but no balance in FIAT is displayed, only the token amount.

Even in Polygonscan the balance doesn’t shows up and I guess MetaMask pulls the info from there

Any clue ? Thxs


hi @user1288 , welcome to MetaMask community. read this article

If you don’t see a fiat value next to your token, this does not impact your ability to send the token to any destination of your choosing, nor does it impact your ability to swap the token (assuming there are markets with liquidity for the pair you are trying to trade). Please check the “markets” tab for the token on Coingecko or Coinmarketcap if you are unsure about where the token is traded.


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