BEP20 Token shows wrong logo and wrong balance for some users

Have been using token we minted on BNB Smart chain for a year now. Never had a problem transferring on MetaMask.

Yesterday someone opens MetaMask app to transfer tokens to our account and for the first time the logos for our token is BNB smart chain logo. And when they try to send the token it says insufficient funds and the balance of our token is reflecting their BNB balance instead of our token balance. closing and reopening the app several times it finally worked. 2 other customers came and no problem. Today a different customer comes and same problem but we could not get his to work.

As you can see in image the user has 12 NMS and when he goes to send 9 NMS it says insufficient funds. Basically BNB logo and balance are showing for NMS token. This is only happening for some users.

Hi @Aepeltolkien ,

Since it’s only happening for some users, can you please open a support ticket? > find the large blue ‘Start a Conversation’ bubble. As you answer questions, it will open a ticket for you.


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